The Real Wedding Turks And Caicos Style

In a destination rich in turquoise waters and endless sun, Joseph and Stefanie started their ” forever.”

Joe and Stephanie actually knew each other for many years before the sparks flew. (Stephanie’s best friend is actually her cousin.) A random peck on Christmas Eve started it all!

“We got engaged two years after on the shores of Lake George at the Sagamore Hotel,” the couple says.

When Stephanie and Joseph started to design their dream wedding, they imagined a celebration that was different from so many weddings in one year. One that offered their guests an unforgettable experience. The Turks and Caicos Islands were immediately in the spotlight.

“We chose Turks and Caicos because it was a quick and short flight for most of our guests from New York,” the couple explains. “We also wanted a complex near the airport and that was all inclusive for our guests!”

The next step for the couple: hire a planner. The Bari elexa events made the perfect match, and they immediately put the couple’s worries at ease.

“It’s comforting to know that you have a planner who has your best interests in mind,” Stephanie says.

While their planner took care of the logistics and the design of the wedding, Stephanie and Joseph’s travel agency worked out all the details of the booking and shared THE recent times restrictions. Upon arrival, all guests entering T & C should be vaccinated with a negative recent times test.

Fortunately, the couple and their guests arrived safely in paradise, ready to celebrate in the Caribbean. After spending countless hours of fun in the sun with their favorite people, Stephanie and Joseph could not imagine that everything would have turned out differently.

“I can’t imagine having a local wedding,” Stephanie says. “I’m sure it would have been beautiful, since I loved all my sellers, but there’s something about the Sapphire Water, the sun and the palm trees that can’t be explained!”

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