Some Habits That Will Prolong The Life Of Your Motorcycle

Many drivers will often wonder if they are doing everything they can to extend the life of their motorcycle. If you are one of them, here are some habits that will significantly extend the life of your bike.

Keep the motorcycle clean: you may not notice it, but regular cleaning of your motorcycle will prolong its service life for some time. Dust, dirt and all other things that dirty your motorcycle have a corrosive nature, which, if left on the motorcycle for a long time, can affect the structural integrity of the part on which it is located. While plastics are less affected, metal parts break down more quickly when they remain dirty.

Fix small problems before they get big: your motorcycle is a machine, and if you are using a machine, it is only second nature that things wear out or that some part has malfunctions. Solve these problems as soon as possible, as this will prevent the affected /claimed part from affecting other components of your motorcycle. Worn brakes are a perfect example of this. Do not wait until you have pushed the very last part out of your brake pads, because if they are completely worn out; There is a greater probability that you will damage the disc plate or the entire brake system.

Keep a service history: if you record all mechanical work on your motorcycle, it will help the mechanic who works on your motorcycle. You can better assess the service life of the components and when certain wear parts need to be replaced. Take for example the spark plug. If you know on what date and before how many kilometers it was changed, your mechanic can better guide you when you need to change it next. In addition, it will help you get a better price for your motorcycle if you sell it.

Monitor engine oil color and level: in between service intervals, keep monitoring your engine oil. Keep an eye out for color and oil level changes. Often, difficult driving can lead to loss of oil viscosity earlier than usual or a drop in the oil level. Even some manufacturers recommend filling the oil with 50-100 ml between maintenance intervals. If you change your engine oil on time and also fill it to the required specifications, your motorcycle engine will wear out less and thus prolong its service life.

Parking in a safe space: Your motorcycle will spend a lot of time parked, and therefore you need to park it in a safe and optimal space. Ideally, the parking lot should be covered and located in an area with optimal humidity. These steps prevent the aging of motorcycle parts such as rubber hoses and gaskets and prevent metal parts from corroding. If this is not possible, invest in a motorcycle cover such as the Aquatex Oxford bike cover to protect it as much as possible from external weathering. A Pro tip: make sure that the covered area where you park is not affected by rodents. Otherwise, do not be surprised if an electrical component of your motorcycle breaks down.

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