Reasons Why Do You Need To Wear Race Suits At The Track

Daily driving on the road requires regular motorcycle equipment, but when you get to a track, you need to wear a racing suit in accordance with the regulations. Why is this so? Why can’t you drive on the track with your Standard driving equipment, do a track day, and then go home without changing your racing leather?

Driving on the road is a recreational activity and no serious motorcycle racer will ever reach their limits when riding on Public asphalt. Indeed, the traffic and the behavior of drivers on public roads can be so unpredictable that it becomes peril to reach its limits. Road Riding Gear was developed taking into account these aspects. It is designed to protect the driver in matter of a fall or impact, but also to ensure that he is comfortable in the saddle.

Racing suits or racing leather, on the other hand, have a very limited set of functions. They are designed to keep them safe in the saddle and offer the best protection. Once you put on a running suit, you will find that some of your body movements are limited. Your shoulders are tilted forward, and your arms feel like hanging in front of you and standing becomes a task for themselves. These are all good things if you want to ride fast around a track on two wheels.

If your driving skills are well ahead of the first track-Day racers, the race suits are also equipped with sliders. So, if you approach a bend, insert the bike and drop your knees and elbows, it is your sliders that come into contact with the asphalt, rather than old leather or textile.

The one-piece Oxford RP-2 leather suit works well on the track, and although it is generally not recommended to wear a racing suit while driving on the road, the Oxford RP-2 can be used on the road for short distances. If you want to wear a lining under the running suit, the Rev’it! Overall, the Excellerator Race Undersuit pairs well with most racing leathers.

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