Motorcycle Accessories That Will Make Your Tours Easier

Chances are, your love of two wheels often makes you travel long distances to explore new places. While it is relatively easy by car, it can sometimes be difficult to take everything you need on a road trip on a motorcycle. Here are some accessories that will make your life easier the next time you decide to hit the road on two wheels.

Bluetooth Headset-Staying connected to the world has become extremely important in today’s world where smartphones spend most of our lives. This becomes quite difficult on a motorcycle, where the head remains all the time in a helmet. However, now there are Bluetooth headsets that can be securely attached to a headset and transmit calls and navigation information to your ears through speakers that can be installed in the headset. The Sena 10C pro Bluetooth headset is an excellent example of a Bluetooth headset, and it has the advantage that it also has a camera to record all the important moments of your trip.

Storage-carrying luggage on a motorcycle may seem like a task for many riders, but companies like Oxford have developed various products that make it easier. The Oxford Q15R Quick Release Tank Bag is ideal for transporting luggage on the fuel tank of a motorcycle. It can accommodate 15 liters of cargo and can be sealed by adding a lining. If you like to carry your luggage on the back, the Oxford p60r panniers will delight you. They can hold up to 60 liters of cargo, which will satisfy all your tourist needs. And if you are looking for a waterproof solution, the Oxford Aqua roll bags are the perfect solution. The Oxford rok straps, which are available in different lengths, are an absolute must to attach items to your bike.

Tire pressure monitor – the air pressure in the tires of a motorcycle is crucial for the way it behaves on the road. That is why it is important to keep the air pressure fair, according to the recommendation of the bicycle manufacturer. While most puncture workshops on the road will help you fill the air in your tires, most of them use pressure gauges that give an incorrect indication. The Digi meter from Oxford will help you in such situations and can show the air pressure in several units.

Vision enhancers-motorcyclists need to make sure that they are sufficiently visible on the road, as they are the most peril type of motorists on public roads. This is especially true at night, because the compact size of two-wheeled vehicles can often lead to the fact that other motorists do not notice their presence. To mitigate these perils, there are several accessories that help cyclists become more visible on the road. The Oxford Commuter X4 Fiber Optic tail light can be worn over your driving jacket and has LED light fiber optic belts that emit light to warn other motorists of your presence. Another sight enhancer from Oxford is her bright vest. It is neon color and most of the light that falls on it warns other motorists about their presence on the road. It is very effective at night.

Breakdown Repair – Dealing with breakdown repairs can be particularly unpleasant, especially if you have to push your motorcycle to the nearest breakdown repair shop. The mud stopper kit will help you in such scenarios, as it comes with all the necessary materials to repair a tubeless puncture. The kit also comes with rubber cement, which helps to effectively seal the perforation.

Support rails for the front passenger – while most motorcycles are equipped with support rails on the back, it can often become uncomfortable for the front passenger to use them when the bike is mounted in a sporty way. This is due to the fact that the rider is folded forward, and the passenger remains to cope with all the breath of the wind coming towards him. If the passenger decides to lean forward to avoid the wind, he has nothing to grab. In such scenarios, the passenger’s Oxford Rider handles can be worn around the driver’s waist, and it has handles that stick out, which the passenger can also hold.

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