Kinds Of Riding Glasses For Motorcyclists

When it comes to riding gear, people often mention helmets, jackets, pants, boots, gloves and the lot, but riding glasses are usually ignored. In fact, few people consider them part of their driving equipment, since they do not actively help protect their body in an accident. However, riding glasses are a very important part of your riding equipment, as they help to protect the eyes from external lighting conditions, which can change quite quickly when riding a motorcycle.

Regular Sunglasses: Many people often use tinted visors to cut off excess light from natural sources when traveling during the day. However, if you are not comfortable with a tinted visor, there is another option called sunglasses. While regular sunglasses can be worn under a helmet, sunglasses designed by motorcycle hardware manufacturers are generally better because they fit much more easily into a helmet. The Bertoni sunglasses are an excellent choice with black shades from the factory. Sunglasses are a better option compared to tinted visors like when driving at night; you need to remove the sunglasses instead of changing the visor.

Motorcycle Goggles: These goggles are designed with a slightly more unique feature in mind. They use an elastic band that folds behind your head and keeps the glass area fixed on your eyes. Motorcycle glasses are combined with off-road helmets, as their large opening allows them to be conveniently positioned on the driver’s face. These are also combined with open helmets and offer the pilot a neo-retro look. An excellent example of this is the Bertoni Vintage Custom Mask glasses, which go well with open helmets such as the Bell Custom 500 series.

Glasses with interchangeable lenses: Their construction is the same as regular glasses, but they provide the additional functionality of interchangeable lenses. This helps a lot when driving in changing weather conditions. It could be sunny for a moment, and an hour or two after the ride, the sky could suddenly become cloudy or even fog could form — no sweating needed. Stop, change the lenses, and you are good to drive in the changed conditions. Again, Bertoni has a mask with interchangeable lenses, which comes with different lenses for different weather conditions.

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