Instructions To Puppy Evidence Your Home

All future pet parents are happy to bring a new companion home, but not all dog owners remember their pet-safe home before Fido arrives. Whether you are bringing a puppy home or adopting an mature dog, protecting your pet from domestic peril and protecting your fragile property is an important step in becoming a pet owner.

Before you pick up your dog, walk around your house to evaluate the possible peril for your pet and the items you need to get out of his reach. First, sweep peril objects such as electrical wires, sharp objects, and small items such as loose coins, medicines, or game coins that your dog might swallow. When you are at the height, look at each piece of a “dog view” by moving on your hands and knees. This will allow you to see all the hidden peril that you missed when you look from above. Once you have checked the obvious peril, evaluate other potentially peril items that may be in your home. Some houseplants are toxic to pets, so be sure to look for those that will be within reach of Fido to make sure they are safe in matter of dog consumption. Move all harmful plants for dogs, or you just want to protect from possible damage, to a higher area. You also need to move all toxic chemicals, such as household cleaners and medicines, in a puppy-safe cabinet or on a high shelf.

Once you have made your home safe for your new pet, it is important to protect your own property from possible destruction by a fiery puppy. It is worth investing in a dog-safe trash can to prevent your companion from making a mess or eating garbage that could make him sick. Some dogs are notorious chewing gums, so keep your dresser and closet tightly closed and your shoes, belts or other chewing items securely locked. A rule of thumb is to think of everything as a potential chew toy for your new dog and move anything that could be damaged to a high shelf, a closed drawer or some other safe place.

It can be intimidating to protect your house before you bring him a new dog home, but the results are worth it. By taking the time to remove items that could harm your pet and protecting your personal belongings from possible damage, you can ensure that your dog makes a smooth and safe transition to his new home.

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