Check How Dogs Actually Watch Tv

It may seem like a joke, but there is a TV for dogs. According to the creators of these canine distractions, dog TV not only stimulates your pet’s brain, but also provides a source of comfort when you are not at home.

The first question to ask when deciding whether you want to give your pet Doggy TV is whether our pets actually like watching TV. Since the eyes of dogs are different from ours, this was not an Option until recently when digital television was created. Dog eyes are more sensitive to movement than ours and can see the refresh rate — or flicker – of images on older TV screens. Digital screens now offer canine-quality enjoyment and with this new Technology, you have the opportunity to create new enjoyment on the go.

Although no one likes to leave their pet alone at home, we can not be with him all the time. Even with the options of Doggy Daycare, pet Walkers and a range of toys, it can be hard to keep Fido entertained when you’re not at home. This can cause boredom and overstimulation, which can make pets destructive. Even if your companion doesn’t finish furniture while you’re at work, distractions can help him feel lonely and keep his mind busy until you get back.

Canine TV works by offering shows for the unique brains of dogs. Episodes are usually short – about three to five minutes – to match a dog’s typical attention span, although research has shown that our animals only interact with the screen for a few seconds. Shows with other dogs are usually interesting for pets. The way dogs watch TV is also different from their human counterparts, as dogs engage more actively by going to and from the screen rather than watching from a stationary, sitting position.

Just like humans, our pets have different interests and some will be more fascinated by the screen than others. Although TV shows can tickle a dog’s auditory and visual senses, they lack the smell and interactive elements needed to keep some high-energy pets occupied. Although TV can help stimulate your pet while you are not at home, it should never be used as a substitute for playing time, exercise and other meaningful interactions with your pet. These activities are not only necessary for the body and mental well-being of your dog, they also strengthen the bond that you and your companion share. However, watching TV can help your dog not to feel lonely when you are not at home.

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