Bold Puerto Rico Wedding

After sharing their glances through the classroom of the massotherapy school, Samantha and Troy finally worked on sharing real words and quickly found themselves hopeless.

A little time and a commitment after, the couple could only imagine the day of their dream wedding in Puerto Rico.

“It was important to me, ” says Samantha, ” to celebrate such an important day, true to my Puerto Rican roots, on the island. Puerto Rico holds a very special place in our two hearts. We loved that only our family and our closest friends were there for these very devoted moments.”

As spiritual people, Samantha and Troy were attracted by the idea of creating a sacred and peaceful ceremonial space. But, without the help of professionals, it would be difficult, to put it mildly, to completely relax in your wedding at the destination. Join the leak specialists: Traci and Bill, a husband and wife team that offers everything from photography to planning and managing logistics for an adventurous escape.

“We had very little planned and Traci and Bill completely organized our lives, ” the couple explains. “They managed everything and gave the impression (to us) that it was transparent, but we were informed about the roadblocks when they took place.”

Fortunately, there were not too many obstacles on Samantha and Troy’s dream day. The only challenge was the lack of direct flights between Michigan and Puerto Rico.

“So the flights were quite long,” the bride said. “In addition, my father had a flight delay, which led to the fact that his luggage was lost. He had to attend the ceremony in clothes he bought at Walmart the day before the wedding. That didn’t end up being a big deal at all!”

On the day of Samantha and Troy’s devoted ceremony, their Sacred Space got along very well, with herbs, crystals and some other items brought from the house. In addition, the fact that an devoted crowd consists of all those who are close and dear to the couple’s heart has softened the business (and saved them a good chunk of money).

“Having a traditional wedding is an average of 20,000. Also with all our expenses, Airbnb, air tickets ext. we didn’t even spend half of it, ” the couple says.

To celebrate with everyone who was not in Puerto Rico, the couple threw a little shindig home with a food truck and a DIY decor.

“The goal was so much more devoted,” says Samantha. “You spend real time with your partner instead of spending a night delighting and entertaining people. We prefer this a million times and would give this advice to anyone who asks for it.”

Do you want a wedding like that of Samanth and Troy? They say the trick is not to rush the process in order to have time to think over every detail of the biggest day of you.

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